Custom Built Quality, alternative Brand Names?

If someone doesn’t have the time or want to do a custom build PC, what are some good alternative brand names that use quality parts that will last several years? Or do all of them install cheapo parts?

The computer I’m running now is custom built from 2003 and still runs great, but I need more power now. It’s not upgradeable anymore.

So from my personal experiences custom builds last much longer, but I really don’t want to go through the hassle of building another one this time around.

Any of you have good luck with particular brands that last more than 5 years? Perhaps they have improved by now.

I, too, was a subscriber to building out my own PC. Then time became a premium.

About five years ago, we started buying Dell machines. What we found was the business line of machines are quite a bit more reliable. Optiplex for desktops, and Latitudes for laptops.

I’ve been using my D620 laptop since 2006. Upgraded drive and memory quite easily with commodity parts, currently have two monitors attached (a total of 3 used at one time including the laptop screen), and have no immediate plans to retire the machine as it does what I need it to do.

I had an one warranty issue with the keyboard of which they gave me the option to send someone out, or just send the part, either way was next day service.

Another benefit of going with their business line of PC’s is support. When you call, you don’t end up halfway around the world with scripted responses - you get someone in the US. It was great to be able to not go through 20 minutes of “is the power on”, “to understand correctly, your keyboard is not working” to simply tell the agent, “the ‘A’ key popped off” and get the earlier response.

If, today, I needed a new workstation and had the option to build vs buy, I would likely just buy it to save time.

My two cents and 5 minutes.