CushyCMS Alternative or Ideas

Hi. Currently I have a client that uses CushyCMS to update his menu online. The biggest problem with Cushy is you cannot paste formatted text. All formatting is stripped. It has not been an issue thus far, client goes in and formats a little.

However, he has created new menus using Publisher with table and tabbing to space out items and pricing. As you can imagine, all formatting of this type is stripped. I tried a few demos online of other CMS’s and the same thing happened. Even found one where you could paste from word. But again the formatting is stripped.

I found, but is the closest I have come. I can paste the text from publisher into word and then copy the word version and paste into ckeditor. But it still requires alot of time adjusting and formatting of extra spaces and alignments.

I’m beginning to think there is no real alternative that will work. So what other options do I have to allow the exact copy of a menu to be pasted into the website by the client?

One option is to save the publisher file as a JPEG and then allow the client to upload the image file. That will be a last ditch effort though because there are border issues when saving it as a JPEG. grrr. I could just fire my client :slight_smile:

Any other technologies I could use? Thanks.

Web formatting is different from word processor formatting, so it’s unlikely that anything will allow a direct copy / paste without some editing. A more powerful CMS would allow you to create a kind of grid into which the client could type/paste the various elements of the menu, which would be better. That way, you can keep tight control of the HTML and CSS and not end up with a mess under the hood—which you would typically get with code from a word processor.

I guess another option would be to upload a pdf, which isn’t quite as bad as an image, though not much more accessible.

Assuming Publisher is compatible with Word … Just open the file in microsoft word and save it as HTML.

FILE>SAVE AS>HTML (or “webpage” depending on your version)

Open your HTML document, select and copy the code, then paste that in to Cushy as HTML.

Thanks for the tips. I think saving as HTML document might be too advanced for my client. I would have to instruct him on what parts of the code to not copy, such as the head and title tags, etc.

I think i will move forward with the PDF or JPG idea. Thanks.