Cursor Movement technology

Please see this →

when you move your cursor the Pop will appear → such features are often used to minimise bounces and capture the lead.

But the above example is a very narrow one. I mean I searched and could not find jquery/Javascript plugin that has lots of features such based on how many pages someone has navigated then some pop will open. How much one has navigated the page: I mean if the page is big and says he has navigated so that 70% scroll bar has come down then some pop should appear etc. Is there any such plugin that already exists that I can’t search?

There is a useful function that can help you to get the scroll percentage.

function getScrollPercent() {
    var h = document.documentElement;
    var b = document.body;
    return (h.scrollTop || b.scrollTop) / ((h.scrollHeight || b.scrollHeight) - h.clientHeight) * 100;

You can check that the percentage is greater than 70 before allowing the popup to occur.

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