Currently using Dreamweaver MX. Moving on: Should I use Netbeans or Dreamweaver Cs4?

Hi everyone,

Starting to get more serious about web applications and starting to realise that DWMX isn’t up to scratch anymore for quickly and efficiently setting up websites. I have used DWMX for so long though that I am a little timid towards change :confused:

The one feature I like currently in DWMX is how you can implement and manage css styles. It allows me to quickly and efficiently change different ids, classes, etc.

So I was thinking of getting hold of Dreamweaver CS4. Simply because I am used to how DW is setup and I’ve also heard that php/mysql is supported better. Which is great because I’m looking into building php/mysql apps quicker.

Then I saw Netbeans. It looks really polished with lots of extra features for php/mysql development like debugging and also the fact that you can drag and drop to create SELECT statements (yes I can be that lazy) in the PHP code and other things that seem to speed up development time.

What are some opinions based on your experience with these two programs?

edit: do not worry about the price difference between the two pieces of software. It is not a factor for this query.

Not really 100% sure about netbeans as I’ve never used the software, and I tend to work more with website design over development, but I can certainly say that, CS4 has come a long way since MX, producing much cleaner code and a host of other time saving features.

Not sure if this helps at all!

That definitely helps! Would you have time to elaborate at all? Seeing as how you have used both?

It’s really down to personal tastes, have you considered downloading a trial of both products and giving them a go (see which one does the job best for you) and then purchasing or sticking with the one which meets your needs best? There’s loads of reviews out there on both products but being perfectly honest, there’s no better way to work out the right product for you than testing it for yourself (what trials and downloads were invented for). :slight_smile:

RussellG, text under you name says you’re getting back into… If you’re coming from a world of table based layouts, I wouldnt recommend using DW or NEtbeans. I’d just write the code out yourself in Wordpad, or Notepad or something. Dont let a program do something you can do better.

Notepad++ and Emerald Editor (used to be Crimson Editor) are two good software for coding sites.

I can’t even remember the last time I did a table based layout. I have been seperating design and layout using CSS since 2002.

I know it says I’m ‘getting back into webdev’ however my weakness lies in php/mysql at this stage, not web design by any means :slight_smile:

Anyway I think I’ll just end up downloading both and seeing how I go like Alex said. I was just interested to hear personal opinions about peoples experience with either software.

I’ve been using DW since version 3 and own a 2 copies of CS4 (one for mac and one for win). With that said I don’t use it at all I do everything in Netbeans 6.8. It’s project management is excellent, and in nearly every way it’s coding is superior. The only thing some people will miss is WYSIWYG. As it’s free give it a try, at least you can tell for yourself.

Another free one is Aptana, it’s similar to NB but based off of Eclipse instead. Frankly I prefer NB as it just feels much more polished, however I would recommend trying both before you spend the money on CS4.

Been using Netbeans for over a week now. Really enjoy using it. Also, the tutorials at the Netbeans website are really good as well. Still very timid when writing code but I’m slowly getting there :slight_smile: