Current version of the website not the same as in the Apple store


I’m developing a website and just by chance I went into the Apple store in London and wanted to see how it looked like in a different screen size. The version of the website I saw there showed the website as it was two weeks ago in terms of style and up to date in terms of the text content. It’s only there that that happens. But I’m not sure what it is. I’d like to know, if someone can comment.

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked the site there before? The computer might have had an old version of the CSS file stored (cached) in its browser.

When developing a site, it can be useful to change the name of the style sheet file with each big change, to force browsers to download the latest version of your styles.

I cleared the cache in Safari in the machine at the store. And also checked it in different ones that I had never used before. Two weeks later, returned, that was this week, and the website still looked as the one I started to develop two weeks ago, the same look as when I checked there 10 days ago.


Ralph was correct in his assumption that the cache in the Apple store had not been refreshed. They can limit actual internet access so the browser cache won’t know the difference between a refreshed/reloaded website and one taken from the store’s (local) server cache.

There are a number of websites and “tools” which allow you to view websites as they would be seen when viewed by various browsers. Dreamweaver has had a tool to view webpages via multiple devices - albeit cellphones - for several years.

Of course, the best way to test via multiple browsers is to have multiple browsers on your own computer but that would restrict you to those browsers which are compatible with your OS.



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