Current state of java?

I haven’t used java much over the past few years, so I’m a bit out of touch with where things are. (Looks like they’ve got some cool stuff now, “portlets” look interesting)

One thing that seems missing is a “hotscripts for servlets” kind of place.

Doesn’t appear to be much demand for them either, servletsource and the like never really seemed to take off. There are a few places where they have java stuff listed, but it seemed more like a community than a directory, involving an approval process, membership and the like.

So, if you’re a consumer of servlets & other java stuff, where would you look?

I don’t have any immediate ideas, but I wonder, if I got up to speed and decided to release something (probably web related), where, exactly would I do that?

Wondering why you don’t see any marketplace type directories for java servlets/beans/etc… like you would perl or php. Are there such places but I missed them?

I haven’t seen so much as a CMS, with a directory of 3rd party extensions.

Makes it sort of difficult for someone outside of the corporate environment to do anything with java. (I’d kind of like to get back into java some how)

Servlets have been replaced/extended by third party software. Look into spring and struts. Another poster would also recommend looking into Java Server Faces.

Javabeans is a terribly misunderstood specification that states behavior of classes and naming standards. Google “javabean specification” for everything you need to know.

There is one site that lists a lot of opensource java projects. I can’t remember the url right now.

It will take some serious research from your end to get caught up with Java. There is a ton of information out there (for free), you’ll just have to slowly figure out what it is that you want to learn.

What are you asking exactly?