Curly Brackets? How do I type them?

I’ve been copying and pasting curly brackets for some time now and I feel quite stupid, there has to be a way to type them with alt+something, the character map doesn’t show the combination though, does any of you know the code? :stuck_out_tongue:

Shift + {
Shift + }

They are to the right of the P.
Is that what you were asking or have I made an a** of myself again? :wink:

Depends on your keyboard, for mine (Canadian Standard iirc) it’s CTRL-ALT-` and < (next to ENTER and right above right SHIFT)

Yep, depends entirely on your keyboard and your keymap.

I use a swedish keyboard with the standard swedish keymap (ISO 8859-15), so for me it’s AltGr + 7 and AltGr + 0.

AltGr is the Alt key to the right of the spacebar, for you uncivilized people who use weird keyboards that doesn’t have that key :wink:

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If nothing else helps, under Windows you can write them by holding down the Alt key while typing 0123 and 0125, respectively, on the numeric keypad.

Or just visit this forum and look for curly braces you can copy. You’ll find some in just about every post!

I have a standard qwerty keyboard with italian layout and there’s no key combination to display those brackets, so I’ll use the universal alt+# code though, which works with any keyboard:

That’s alt+123 and alt+125 (also works without zeroes before the number!)

damn - I didn’t know there was such differences in the layouts. I would bet that for all western-european layouts AltGr + 7 and AltGr + 0 should work, though. That ought to include italians aswell, although if not it may explain why there are so few italian programmers around :slight_smile:

those key combinations do not work on italian keyboards…in fact they lack many important symbols! as for italian programmers, you’re quite right, and I also think it’s partly because of the language barrier (there are very very few italians who can speak english fluently enough to exchange opinions or understand code at a first glance)

php for instance seems easy because you can easily understand what “print” or “pathinfo” means, but try coding with functions that are called “hègrewurzen()” or “slòttka()” (just inventing words here, but you get the point :smiley: )

Sounds like job for vi. Program it replace your natural langage functions, and close all your curly brackets for you too. Gang of you with same language make a lang/php .vimrc file?

imprimer(""); //instead of print("")
and even:
courier_electronic("");  //instead of mail("");


Yes, I recon it would be quite a handicap to not speak english.

Have a look at :
Appearantly AltGr + Shift + (The key next to P) works. I can’t verify that though.