post data to some othr website

Hi all

I am a beginner and i was wondering can we write a code in PHP using cURL by which we can enter keyword in search box of any other website and and get back the search results.

Please help me out. I need it urgently.

Thanks guys

10 seconds of googling produced the following result:

It’s incredibly simple to follow the example and modify it to suit your needs.


thanks…But this is not something I am looking for…

Basically what I want to make is send a keyword to other website (like directory submission websites) and see if my website is live on it or not.

Something like this.

I dont know. I have never used cURL before. But I know it will be done using this.

The tutorial tells you how to specify the URL where you’re sending the POST data, how to prepare the data in the POST array and how to check whether it was successful or not.
Since I’ve no idea how the directory you’re targeting works (how it notifies whether your site is live or not), it’s a dead end for the moment. The examples are really clear, if you’re looking for a piece of code you want to copy paste without spending more than 2 seconds thinking about it - maybe hiring expert help would be better solution.

If you want to learn however, it takes less than 1 hour to grasp the concepts mentioned at the tutorial website. Even if you are a beginner.