Curl doesnt quite cut it

i am using curl to grab search results from web pages
i want to use it on this site

but the source code returned does not have the title, description etc in the source code
instead they have variables which look like {{title}}, {{description}} in its place
i have searched all of the java script files and all the other files in the source code for these variable values and cannot find them
but if the web browser can translate these variables into their values, there must be a way i can do it in php
does anyone know if there are other functions like curl that have the functionality i am looking for?

Instead of trying to scrap the page use the Develop API.

And the reason why the browser can translate is because of Javascript. What you say was a template for Javascript.

what makes u think they have an api?
is there a way to simulate the browser rendering so php can execute the java script or something?

I just linked to it. From their link labeled “Develop API”