cURL configured (phpinfo) but functions not available to scripts?

Hi guys,

Not sure if this is more a server question than a PHP one but here goes.

I want to use cURL in a PHP application on a Linux server.

phpinfo() shows “–with-curl=shared” in the ‘Configure Command’ block. and are both on the server (though I can’t remember which directory!)

this suggests that PHP has been configured with cURL, but if I run:

echo (function_exists('curl_init')) ? 'yes' : 'no';

I always get ‘no’ !!

Do I have to do something else to enable cURL? Change the php.ini or something?

Or have I got it wrong and PHP hasn’t been configured/compiled with cURL?

Any help is much appreciated, I have a feeling the module has been installed it’s just not enabled for some reason.

Thanks in advance!

never mind - the problem that was in the php.ini file, the reference to cURL was ‘’ - I changed this to ‘’ and all seems to be well.