Curl and simple xml

• The following URL output details for employee #18 using XML format:
• This URL is slow to respond (~15 sec), it’s normal and must be handle accordingly in your code
• Output to the screen the name property of the employee
• Output to the screen the type attribute of the employee
• Use CURL only
• Use SimpleXML
• Use correct timeouts and correct encoding

any help is appreciated

Seriously - are you just trying to get us to do your homework for you?

URL doesnt work anyway.

aamonkey… please help…please…

Sorry - I don’t do people’s homework for them - you could try (I dunno) learning the subject matter? :wink:

Since you have already been told what to use and what to achieve… so you must try it yourself. If you were totally blank then we could give you some insights. Now you can find lots of examples of curl and simplexml from google search. So try yourself. No one can do those all for you.

Off Topic:

Qs like this make me wonder if SO has a REST API we could tap into, a bit like Let me google that for you