Curious why things arn't working

Hey hope everyone is doing well. So I need to, from my school, connect to my home server. That means transferring files over SFTP for learning web design on my Apple MacBook Air. I assume I can not do this because of Denial Of Service Attack protected ion. I wondering why I cant even ping my raspberry Pi server, or even Any ideas, i’m going to ask my teacher tomoro.

Thanks :cool:

If you’re going to ask your teacher, then do so :wink:

You can’t reach your home computer if you don’t have the right configuration.

Now, if you want to connect to your home computer to work as if you were in front of you, you need to set up a VPN. You can do so manually by configuring the computer to accept external connections and you would need to change your firewall/router configuration as well. Of course, that’s a security ricks.

It is much easier and secure if you use a software like logmein or similar as they use encryption among other things.

If your assigment is that you use your own computer as a web server to access your home website… that’s a different story and we’ll be talking about public IP addresses and DNS servers.

I have a raspberrypi computer actually that is my server. I have a domain name (DNS forwarding), and everything is configured appropriately. Not sure why I can’t transfer files back and forth (sftp) into or even ping the thing, or let alone ping

Maybe dumb question: Is the home server actually turned on?

I would have liked to be able to say turning it on fixed the problem, because sometimes the problem is that simple. Interestingly the teacher said that over the WiFi he could not use Microsoft Access over whatever port it uses. Our conclusion was that is had to do with ports being blocked. I can ping google on the wired desktop machines, but not on the laptop. After some troubleshooting I think the problem is simply that all ports overs wifi are implicitly closed, the web works though.

Good that you could spot the problem. Well done