Curious Question - Founding Date

Just something I’ve been wondering.

When someone creates a website, does the founding date start at the start of development, or after development?


I’d say launch date, whenever it becomes publically available to users

A founding date isn’t generally applied to a website. It’s more often applied to the business behind it.

Thanks for the responses.

So when would you say Facebook was founded? When Mark launched the site to the Harvard community way back in the day, or when it became official and registered as a business?


It’s whichever came first (if you go by common convention), either the foundation of the business (that is intended to launch the website), or when the website itself is launched (with the intention of making it a business). Like all things it’s basically down to the situation, but in most cases either one is correct as a point of reference. But it can pay to use the earlier date as it could give you that extra time to reassure customers your site isn’t just some fly by night organisation. :slight_smile: