Cufon Safari Bug?

I am working with Cufon’s font rendering to make non-standard fonts appear on my site, however, I am noticing that Safari is the only browser not rendering the line-height property correctly. I believe it has something to do with Cufon. But easily you can tell that Safari is adding extra spacing between the line even when line-height isn’t used. The areas in question are the #testimonials p div and h3.fontface in the site. Has anyone encountered this issue before?

The Site


I’m not seeing a difference in the line-height of the testimonials. I measured the height between lines and they look exactly the same.

I am seeing a difference in the width of the lines of text which is always the case between browsers and thus Firefox runs onto a few more lines that Safari does.

If you increases the width of the testimonial box a little then both safari and Firefox render that block of text at exactly the same height.

#testimonials {
    color: #363535;
    float: left;
   [B]width: 258px;[/B]


Okay thank you that does look better.