Cufon (Font Replacement) Limitations? Full Justification Possible?

I haven’t used Cufon (font replacement) in many months and am hoping that they’ve figured out how to do full-justification. I was surprised that even when I tried using Cufon for all the text on a long page, I could see no delay in the page coming up on my screen (and I think there are a lot of faster computers out there with faster Internet connections).

I was amazed at how well Cufon worked when using it for heads on a test page, but I’d really love using Cufon for all the text on the page if I can use full justification. Can Cufon do this now? Do they have plans to accomplish this?

  • Any changes or improvements in Cufon during the past year or so?
  • What are the current limitations in using Cufon?