CSS3 media queries

Hi all,

Just a quick question:

Can anyone tell me what widths I should be focusing on when using media queries in order to cover web browsing and mobile device browsing. Are there any sites that offer resolution guidelines?

Thanks all


can anyone shine a light on how they are using media queries for responsive design of their site?


You should read this article first as it turns all the other approaches on their heads:

Previous thinking was here which is still interesting.


I did a demo a while back that caters for about 5 different sizes and may be of some use.:


But according to the first link I sent you this is all backwards to a certain extent :slight_smile:

Have a look in the mobile forum on Sitepoint for more information and sticky threads etc.

Awesome, Il give these links a read now!

Thanks Paul

I just dont know what my approach should be now after reading the slides in that link you supplied.

I originally was going to opt for creating an m. subdomained site but then started reading up on responsive web design using media queries and now that slideshow has flipped everything on its head.

It is fair enough though and does make sense so Im going to have to think it out!

Thanks again Paul