CSS3 Anthology -- List Style Image Prob

I am trying to use the bullet.gif referenced in this book, but it wont work in my asp.net website. All I get display are the default bullets, and not the Check image.

What did I do wrong?


list-style-image: url(Images/bullet.gif);
color: Fuchsia;
margin: 10px 10px 10px 80px;


Hi PowerPlanner, welcome to Sitepoint :).

You need to remove the list-style-type :). Well, also you need to make sure that your image file is correct. In your current CSS file (if it’s not externally called), go to that folder. In that folder, you should have a folder called “Images” and in there has the bullet GIF.

Add this code in and the new bullet.gif should appear.


Though the missing image URL is the cause, since, if the image isn’t found, it will just show the bullets. Please confirm the location of the URL is correct.

Thanks for your help.
The URL seems okay since I have other images that are working using same path. The list-style-type:none; did remove the bullets, but the check image didn’t appepar.

That means the URL isn’t correct then ;). Say you have this

test.html (this file contains the CSS)

In the URL, replace the test.html with the bullet URL you define in the document. You just have to trust me on this that the URL is NOT correct. Really try to see why it isn’t there. If you give us a link to your site we can identify the issue faster :).

Just guessing but - Images/bullet.gif - that is meant to be a capital “I” there, is it? (Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve made that mistake. :))