Css Websites Suggestions

Any suggestions of websites where i can find css codes for new designs for webpages or websites to find sample webpages where i can based my design specifically in making a website for tourist spots? Thank you.

Can you be a bit more explicit as to what you are looking for?

i am looking for websites where i can visit i catch ideas in designing my website. thank you.

I suppose the obvious suggestion is CSS Zen Garden.

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I do a web search and I type something like “Beatiful looking websites” and then I will visit them. Using Developer Tools I can see the general way on how they made their website. I don’t copy them exactly, for that would be wrong. However, it gives me a general idea on how I want my website(s) to look.


I do what @pepster64 says. I also go to coddrops to see effects and designs that are trendy and to check if there’s something I like but coddrops don’t show you full pages, just pieces of code.

If I see some bit that I think it may be useful and eyecatching, I consider if I can put it to good use

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