CSS Table?

Is there a way to Style my table so it would look like that:

Do I need to use those Images?

You can style most things to look like what you want but it does depend on the detail and what is required.

What do you mean by “Do I need to use those images exactly”?

If you want an image background then you will need a background image. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t look like tabular data but assuming it was you should be able to style it like that. Just place a background image on the table (or on a div that holds the table as IE is a bit funny with images on tables). Put the scrollbar on the div and then just style the tds with the foreground colour as required and adjust the cell spacing.

It looks more like a list to me though where you could have the background image on the ul and set the foreground and spacing on the list elements.

The ul could have the scrollbar although you would need js for custom scrollbars colours (which should generally be avoided).

Ok I was able to make evrything but the ScrollBar…
How can I make the LIST ScrollBar looks exectly as it looks in the picture?

If you mean you want to change the scrollbar looks then you can’t do that with css alone (although older IE browsers allow you to change the colouring but not the chrome).

If you want custom components then you will need js although as I said before users don’t usually like custom scrollbars.

If you meant something else then you will need to clarify a little more.:wink: