CSS Styles - Need to breaking from a themed CMS

Recently, I’ve picked up a job of fixing/tweaking a currently in place website that has been built with an online tool (unfortunate, I know). One thing that I can’t seem to fix is a twitter feed widget that is on a sidebar of the website. The user was able to edit the source code on the web tool (much like a WYSIWYG editor) and copy/pasted code that http://www.twitter.com/widgets gave her which unfortunately, is a lot of JavaScript.

The profile widget breaks on our company Firewall and our currently in place Firewall is unable to whitelist whatever external content this widget is pointing to. I did some searching and found an html widget http://twitter.com/widgets/html_widget but I want to edit the styles on this. My concern is that the CMS this online tool uses is going to override any inline styles I do.

What are my options here?

Edit: Off topic: Does Twitter have any type of API where I can write my own simple widget that takes the top 5 tweets from the timeline?

Well there is always a way to override any styles the CMS palces on it. As a last resort using !important will have your styles be used (unless another !importnat is clashing with it)

I’d say place hte HTML widget in and style the widget normally, but if yoru styles aren’t working then just post a link to it here and we will patch that up for you :).

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Yes they have an extensive API, but if all you want to do is add the last 5 posts under settings > general there is a way to create a small sidebar widget that does this. It is a small text link under one of the input fields.

This is the original one that was breaking because it is trying to download a .js file from widgets.twimg.com and the IP on that file is always changing resulting in it being impossible to whitelist.

I am going to give the !important rule a shot.

Ok :), if it still isn’t working then please give us a link so we can see what is going on :).