CSS Specificity

Could someone please help.
I have two links at the bottom of this page in the yellow boxes with white backgrounds
which I need to be colour #35b6fd, you can see them if you rollover but I cannot
get them the a:link to be that colour. I think the other styling rules (which tell a:link to be white) must be overriding.
Could someone please take a look and see what I am doing wrong.
here is the CSS page

Clear your cache. CTRL+F5. It is that color.

Oh yes, how stupid of me.
I’ll remember that, although usually if I refresh I see the latest updated page. Maybe a browser dosen’t download the CSS page again?
is that correct?
Thanks for spotting

Yes your browser usually attempts to cache the webpage it downloads in an attempt to speed up page loading times. It just never downloaded the most recent page. I always CTRL+F5 if I don’t see a rule work like it should be. Always a good place to start.

I also just realised I needed to write a a:visited rule as well as that was making it white once I had clicked the link and come back.
Thanks for helping

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