CSS Sliding Door Tabs

Hey everybody,

I have studied this tabbed navigation technique in detail and know how it works but when I save my gifs or pngs in photoshop with transparent backgrounds, it does not work on the webpages? I have never had this issue with anything else before, I can save logos etc with transparent backgrounds with no trouble so what is wrong?

I have even taken images which are exactly the same size as working demo versions using working css and duplicated them with my own colour tabs and they still look as though something is showing through the backgound! Please help, not sure what is going on:mad:

Hey here’s the link and the full explanation:

You’re going to kick yourself here…

You’ve set a background-color on the list items, links and :hovers. These colours are showing through the transparent areas of the images.

Yes, it is normally good practice to set a background colour that reflects the colour theme of the background image … but not when you want transparent areas of the image to show the page behind!

It’s difficult to say without seeing your design - can you give us a link to the page?

Thanks very much Stevie, I did kick myself yeah!