Css site converted with table pages remaining

Converting a very large site, having sections that are to be gradually phased out, a large bulk of the pages are being done in div’s.

But those other pages mentioned, 100+ including many forms, some of which are behind ssl’s for user panels, will remain structured with tables.

On these unconverted pages, will “noindex” in the meta help?
They don’t presently have it, so should these pages be renamed, with a redirect, and include the noindex?

I’m wondering how devices favoring divs will treat the situation when they happen to encounter “old” pages that are structured with tables.

What to do in this situation.

noindex is really for search engines. It won’t stop users navigating to those pages. Most devices can handle table layouts in some form or other.

Maybe I’m just not clear on what you are asking.

In understand noindex to be for search engines, respectfully ralph.m , but I’m not aware if any browsers are taking it into account for the pages they display or factoring it for an entire site they potentially display.

Not as far as I know. I’m still not clear on what you are trying to achieve, though. Do you want to prevent some devices from seeing certain pages? Anyhow, this is not really a CSS question. We probably should move this thread to a more appropriate forum.

My question is about, what to do on a large site when converting most pages to css/divs although while leaving others table-structured.

If the noindex would help or harm the overall css effort by placing it on the table structured pages. Especially if search engines/browsers like to see an entire site either one way or the other, this I don’t know.

The object is to come up with a way to phase out the table structured pages over the course of time and these must remain as is for the present.

I see where I could have made this clearer.