CSS Resolution Problem

Can anyone help me out to overcome the resolution problem with css
i had been using % for all the dimensions instead of px.

please help me out
Thnx in advance

I doubt anyone can help until you provide some code or a link to the problem.:slight_smile:

You will need to clarify and detail the problem exactly before anyone can offer help I’m afraid.

sorry for tht
I am working on a site for which i had bee using CSS based design
At the normal size of the window it looks perfectly well
But when i minimize the window, the placements of all the divs seem distorted and the menu bar comes to the next line

Just take a look at the stager.zirafi.com
It’s a test site though.
I am a beginner to CSS
Thnx in advance

You may want to set min-width in content div. Say for example min-width:900px;

Thnx a lot
It worked like a miracle
i was working on this for past 2 3 days
Thnx once again

See that’s all we need - just a little more info :slight_smile: Glad you got it sorted.