CSS Quiz

Hey all. Stumbled upon this CSS Quiz sponsored by SitePoint…wanna take it and see what you get? (And then post and discuss, of course.)

Slightly embarrassing, but I pulled a 21/27 (Yeah, that’s a C :frowning: )


I got 22/27 (C), though I’m not 100% sure I agree with one of them (#22). I chose the content area, but the answer says content + padding + border. W3C matches what I chose, and I seem to recall this behavior being true’ve had experience. I guess either one could be true

Of the others:

  • I misread the question on one
  • Flat out screwed another one up - I knew the answer and chose the wrong one.
  • Don’t use nth selectors - never had to…
  • CSS3 question so I missed this one honestly…

Yeah. I think I got that one wrong, too.

Defining width: only defines the content area.

I think what they meant is that the total width of an element is content+padding+border. At least, that’s what I see whenever I use [XRay](javascript:function%20loadScript(scriptURL)%20{%20var%20scriptElem%20=%20document.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);%20scriptElem.setAttribute(‘language’,%20’JavaScript’);%20scriptElem.setAttribute(‘src’,%20scriptURL);%20document.body.appendChild(scriptElem);}loadScript(‘http://westciv.com/xray/thexray.js’):wink: (If you use Chrome, the link won’t work - don’t know about any others, though)


I’m with you on that one, Dave. But I don’t know what my overall score was because it only showed me about half the questions, just kept skipping some pages … no idea why :frowning:

I just got 24/27 but your ‘heads-up’ caused be to be xtra warry probably netting me an extra one or two. There were two questions that I don’t agree with there answers so I would probably get those wrong every time.

I was using Opera and on some of the pages I had to repost 2 or 3 times to get it to move on (Hey maybe this increased my score mahaha :weee:)

Thanks for the link!




Haha! Opera fails again![/ot]

Anyways, it seems like a pretty difficult quiz (no one has gotten and A!)…is it just b/c it’s based off her specific book or is it b/c the answers are…gasp wrong!


[ot]Hey let’s not bash Opera :wink: It is a great development browser and oh so configurable out of the box also 6mb per tab as compared with 17.5 per tab on my Linux Firefox with the same functionality as addons. And on my machine it is 20-30% faster loading pages than Chrome (no addons) and 30-40% faster than firefox (with developer addons).

On a serious note… use whatever browser that works for you! :)[/ot]

Yes the quiz was pretty hard, I cannot profess to be a CSS diva though, so the result does not surprise me.


Likewise, I didn’t get a score at the end, but I was told that I had “attained CSS Warrior status”. So clearly the test is not very hard. :smiley: ( think I got three wrong.)

One or two I had to guess on, as I’m not familiar with some of CSS3 (the pseudo stuff). I also thought the polyfill question was a bit misleading, and I don’t agree with the answer. I mean, who’s to say that <spoiler warning>older browsers “should” support new technologies</end spoiler>?

At the end, it gives you the correct answers to the questions you failed, so you can count the number. At least it did to me.


One question stated: ‘what do you expect to see?’ or something like that, which IMO means that no answer can be wrong. It should have said: ‘what do you see’.

If you expect to see something other than what you is gonna see, you is wrong, bro’! :lol:

Hi guys, thanks for your feedback on the quiz. With regards to question 22, I have received a few emails about it so have temporarily suspended it while I get our tech editors to take a look at it to make sure it is correct and make it less ambiguous.

It seems that the success/failure message has been edited at some point recently and it now doesn’t display the score, so I will put that back. The pass mark (to get the certificate) is 80%, by the way, so you can get a few wrong.

But if you ask me ‘what do you expect to see’, and I tell you, I answered your question correctly, even if what I’m gonna see is something else. I expected wrong, but answered right :smiley:

Not if I expected a different answer, and am the one marking the test. :stuck_out_tongue: (You see, I think like a teacher, you like a student. :smiley: )

I got 23/27 but technically it should have been 22/27 because I have to confess I’d never heard of the term ‘polyfilla’ and looked it up.
I was totally honest with answering the other questions, though, but I hang my head in shame for that one question (learned something new though). Do I still get to keep the certificate?

Hi Simon,

I’m not worried about this; however I got 23/27 so that is roughly 85% and it told me that I was not a wizard and should buy the book.

Oh, that’s a bit odd. Maybe something to do with my suspending q.22? We use a third party (SurveyGizmo) to power the quiz, so I may have to take it up with them.

OK, just thought you should know. I don’t feel that I am a CSS wizard anyway :wink:


Perhaps the question needs to be “What should you expect to see…?”

Yeah. I was kind of annoyed about that…I figured that we were just supposed to figure out the score ourselves…(I went back and counted the total number of questions :frowning: )


23/27 for me… but there was one question that I didn’t even see and I left it blank. The other 3 were CSS3 related or about HTML5 which i don’t use so… :slight_smile: