CSS Quiz Review: The iPhone Challenge, a Collapsible Multi-column\n Layout

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Great article Paul!

Very nice article, basically a long winded explanation (very good nonetheless!) on how to achieve the layout along with the steps that are taken in achieving it.

A+ :slight_smile:

Thanks Ryan :slight_smile:

Great Article :slight_smile: some useful tips & tricks thanks for sharing Paul.

<meta name=“viewport” content=“width = 320” />
You did said it was just for the iPhone layout or will this work on all hand-held devices… blackberry etc?

Unfortunately, we lose IE6 at this stage because it doesn’t understand min-width.
If we wanted it to work cross browser IE6 as well then we’d have two separate style sheets… screen & handheld so everything works?

Well you could use an extra element to get IE6 working. Give the outer element a left padding=to the min width, and on the inner nested div we created, give that a negative left margin = to the padding set (that will be the min-width set) :slight_smile:

You should be able to find some information about this here: