CSS Position Problem on Countdown


I have made a countdown. I have a problem however with the words, they wont go in line with the tickers.

I have tried to move them down with margins, paddings etc but no luck.
Is it something I need to edit in the Javascript perhaps?


Your words are enclosed in <sup> tags, which turns them into superscript [SUP]like this[/SUP].

<div id="container">
<div id="countdowncontainer2"><span class="lcdstyle">175 <sup>days</sup> 9 <sup>hours</sup> 59 <sup>Minutes</sup> 42 <sup>Seconds</sup></span></div>


Removing that should solve your problem.

I tried to set another span class inside for the text bits but it through an error

EDIT! Fixed it now, it was due to my double quotes.

Thanks :slight_smile: