CSS Pop-Up location

I am using a WordPress Mapping plugin to create a map and a marker with a popup. Is it possible to move the marker pop-up so that it is a white box at the bottom right hand corner please? Page is here:

I don’t believe CSS can help here as the popup is controlled by JS relevant to the position of the marker and indeed scrolls the whole map in order to display the full popup. You should consult the documentation (or the developer) to see if there is a fixed option for the popup but that would seem a step backward as you may obscure the marker.

I’m also a little confused by the link you sent as that seems to be the developers page and not your own page? Also the download link on the developers page brings up a virus warning so I should be very careful with that.

Thanks for the answer. The confusion is simple in that I commissioned the plugin when I was ill with cancer and couldn’t work. 3 years later I am clear of cancer and still working with the developer but I am also trying to understand it myself. No reason, other than interested. The developer is still doing some work for me but I am wanting to have a go at some things myself. Your reply though heightens causes me to think again, because I didn’t pick that up at all. Back to the developer.
Thanks for your help and warning.

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