CSS object clas not working in IE

This css code in my external .css works to put padding on a flash object tag
in FF but nada in IE:

object {

Normally I’d use another way around this but for various reasons this is my
preferred solution

Why is this not working in IE? Thanks

We’d probably need to see your page to know if there are any other conflicts going on.

Short of being able to test IE, all I can suggest is that you wrap the <object> in a div and apply the padding to that… which I doubt will satisfy.

Afaik the object element can’t be styled in IE6/7 so do as Ralph suggests above. :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for the replies here is the link to the page: Watercolour courses

Ralph already gave you how todo this :). Wrap the object in a <div> or something (if not already done so) then give that div the padding :slight_smile:

OK will try it again, thanks