CSS Not Loading At Client Office

I’ve had a client hire me to make some changes to a Wordpress.com site including some custom CSS, etc…

I’ve done at least 100 wordpress customizations with no probelm.

My issue here is tied to the location of the clients office. When he loads his page there is absolutely no CSS loading. This thing works fine for me at home / work and works fine for him at home and on his iphone. He’s referenced on a number of Mac’s & PC’s at work and none of them load the Images or CSS (just html loads).

Here’s the site - ignore the bit at the bottom as he hasn’t upgraded to the custom CSS package which fixes the layout down there.


Could this be a firewall issue?


sometimes it happens when ur temp files in pc is full try deleting all cookies and temp files. see if that helps

Works for me.

I’d try a http debugger (firebug or fiddler are two options) to see what is happening on the wire.