CSS Menu Slider for Mobile Devices - Collaboration

Have you ever used Facebook’s mobile site or app? The app sports a cool scrollable menu that slides out from the left. For mobile versions of sites, this is a fantastic way to deal with your navigation menu so you don’t take up valuable space with nav links! I’ve created a working version of that type of layout, and I decided to see if anyone wants to help collaborate on it. More information is provided in my repo - https://github.com/NicholasRBowers/CSS-Menu-Slider.

Live Demo:
Embedded JSFiddle Result
JSFiddle Code

-Based off of Checkbox Hack
-Meant for mobile
-Works in major browsers (except IE, but I’m designing for mobile, so this doesn’t concern me TOO much)
-Tested on Android browser and Chrome on Android, and works moderately well in both (if you zoom, Chrome freaks out a little bit)
-Collaboration welcome!