CSS Menu don't break line

My website have 1020px width while my menu is so much,so my menu wesbite is break-line.

I want menu isn’t break-line.How do I do ?

Thank you for helping me.

You have given us no code which literally makes it impossible to give you a correct answer as to how to fix your problem :).

What I gather is that your menu is displaying on two or more lines and you want it to be all horizontally aligned?

Either give us a website to look at (preferable) or give us full HTML/CSS so we can replicate the issue on our end (a minimalistic version of the site, just having the menu on there is next best option)

I’m sorry, I forget about this.
This is my website : http://vietnamhighlighttours.com/
I’m using Microsoft translator tool.When I translate to French language,my menu is breakline.The website is very bad.
Sorry,My english is not good.
Thank you very helping me.

When you change the language the text is much longer so it breaks to the next line. Once it breaks to the next line it pushes all the rest of the page out of position because the rest of the page snags on the floated element that has wrapped.

If you make sure your content wrapper is cleared then at least the content will be align properly although the menu will still be on two lines.

div.contentwrapper {
    clear: both;
    padding: 10px 0;

There’s not much you can for the top menu other than changing the design so that it can wrap or make sure items that don’t have a drop down are at the end of the line and can wrap to a new line when the language is changed.