Css matrix3d

what are the values does it take?

I mean it takes like 16 values I want to know what is 1st value 2nd value and so on.

Do these links help?

they didn’t mentioned detailly I mean it takes 16 values like(a1,b1,c1,d1,a2,b2,c2,d2,a3,b3,c3,d3,a4,b4,c4,d4)

what is a1?? is it rotate X or Y or Z??? I want to know what is a1,b1,c1…………d4 values what they represent.

Did you follow the additional links from those articles? e.g.


yes I searched so many sites but didn’t found exact answer.

in that link they have given matrix for only scaleX, ScaleY, ScaleZ.

I think the difficulty of finding an exact [sic understandable] answer is because the concept can not be easily explained without there being prerequisite knowledge.

If I struggle, and I mean struggle in italics, bold, uppercase and large font size, I can muster up a very dubious level of understanding. My difficulties are my own fault for having been more interested it what many adolescents are interested in other than advanced algebra back when I could have taken advantage of a skilled educator’s assistance.

I find this somewhat helpful

Note: matrix(a, b, c, d, tx, ty) is a shorthand for matrix3d(a, b, 0, 0, c, d, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, tx, ty, 0, 1)


The matrix() function is specified with six values. The constant values are implied and not passed as parameters; the other parameters are described in the column-major order.

In other words, for matrix3d, the “constant values” are not constant, so they must be passed as parameters.

I don’t know what path to a better understanding might be best for others, but I would try working with the simpler matrix first and hope for a eureka moment, or more likely, not use “shorthand” but instead work with individual transforms.

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