CSS Live Registration / Enrollment

Howdy! :slight_smile:

I was just curious about the registration / enrollment for CSS Live. It began on the 5th July so the course is further than mid-way through but the button and payment pages are still up for the CSS Live course.

If I registered / enrolled now would I be placed into the course with the CSS Live Dashboard and the CSS Live Forums or would I be registered / enrolled but not have access to the course materials until the next enrolment period? (Like you did with JavaScript Live)


Andrew Cooper

[Side Note: I know, you’re probably thinking to yourself “What the hell?! Why isn’t he on the course already?! Is he crazy?!” I was just poor up until 9th July :frowning: but better late than never!]

Thanks for the confirmation Shayne! I’ll take the second then! :wink: I’ve ordered CSS Live now :smiley:

Andrew Cooper

Hi Guys. Sorry I took so long to chime in. Russ shot me through this thread.

There are two ways to take our new courses.

First is a schedule ‘live’ run through. We’ll announce a start date and it will include the live Q&As, on top of this there will be a larger group of people, simultaneously taking the course with you.

The second is ‘at your own pace’. You can sign up at any time and take each lesson at your own speed. You’ll still get an email each day. In this case you won’t get to participate in the live Q&A, however recordings of the previous Q&A sessions will be available, and whilst a little quieter, the private forum will be there.

If you sign-up for option 1 or 2, all the content will remain available for a minimum of 12 months.

Hehe, but thanks for the input Mitt :slight_smile: Glad you got my report :wink:

I’'d love it if someone could tell me I can go ahead and finish my order for CSS Live and I’ll have access to the CSS Live Course Dashboard as well as the private forums. If I have access to the articles, videos, and private forums I’ll be happy, and with that I’ll be able to watch the recorded Live Q&A’s of course. If I need some help where I need to ask a question then I can start a thread in the private CSS Live forum or the normal CSS Forum.

If somebody can tell me that that won’t be the case and that I’ll have to wait 6 months until the next course enrollment then I can put the £7.00 towards a “I <3 HTML” SitePoint coffee mug instead! :smiley:

Andrew Cooper

Can anyone from SitePoint HQ help here or maybe Russ himself can chip in? I’m itching to get started on the course but I don’t want to register / enroll now to not have any resources or access to the course for another 6 months until the next enrollment. If I can register / enroll now and have access to the course dashboard and materials then I’d be more than happy - I’m not that bothered that I won’t be able to take part in the Live Q&A’s.

Thanks for anything you can tell me!

Andrew Cooper

Hopefully someone from SitePoint staff will clarify for you, but here’s my take.

The “live” courses begin on certain dates.
Once you’re in, you can access the daily lessons as they go online and visit the private course forums.
In general, the last day of each week is the day there’s a “live” Q/A session where course members can ask questions live.

Once the initial course run is over, all materials and the private course forums are still accessible. The primary difference is that the “live” Q/A sessions are no longer live - you can’t ask a question in real time - but the previous sessions have been recorded and you can access those.

So I guess the main concern is how important is it to you to have the live Q/A sessions?