CSS In The Way Of Search Engines

Sitepoint Members,
I have the code
… NNT stands for <span class=“c3”>N</span>umber of people…
Google can’t find that phrase, aparently because the N is separated from “umber”. I used google to search on my site for the phrase “Number of people” and it couldn’t find the phrase. How do I color the first letter of a word without having a problem with search engines due to css?



Hm, I’d be surprised if the span were doing that … If it is, perhaps it’s because of the class. Anyhow, an alternative would be to use the :first-letter pseudo element. E.g.

p:first-letter {font-size: 200%;}

<p>Number of people</p>

Of course, you could do that with a <span> too. (You may need to set the span to display: inline-block though.)