CSS import form different directory

Hello I’m trying to pull css files in my master css file using the import function.
I have the files as so:


So my mater file is in a folder call css and the additional files are in a completely different directory call tls.

So far I can only get files that work from with in the css file directory and sub-directory and nowhere else. The only other option would be to move the master css file to the main folder where everything becomes a sub directory. But that will mess up my setup.

How have you written the @import function?

@import url(“reset.css”);

That assumes the reset is in the same folder as the stylesheet you’re linking to it from.

You need to use a root or relative reference to give the file path to the reset sheet.

Using a relative path you could get to the files from the master css like this:

@import url("../tls/css/reset.css");

Relative and root relative paths explained here.

I tried that and it did not work.

Then your directory is probably not set up as you said or you have a typo or error somewhere. I just double checked locally and created the directory structure exactly as you said above and it worked with no problems.


Lets break it down:

we are in the css folder so we want to go up one level to main.

From main we want to go into the tls folder

then we want to go into another css folder

then we select the file

@import url(“…/tls/css/addtional.css”);

Is the site online somewhere where we can inspect it and see where things really are?