CSS & Images breaking on file inclusion

Hello all,

I’ve built this site and layout using bootstrap. http://ankursinha.net/test/ . I’ve broke the index file into head.php (contains the whole html head like scripts, meta, link rel, etc), then header.php (contains the logo, search bar, etc), then navbar.php (contains the navbar), and the footer. I’ve placed an index file along with it and I used: include ‘head.php’, etc and got it working. But when I created a folder forums, added the same code, but used include ‘…/head.php’, etc all the content came, but the css and the image logo didn’t appear. I saw the page source for both the links are the same. Here is the link. http://ankursinha.net/test/forums/

The codes for both are the same, just that I added two dots to traverse back to the parent directory and include files under the forums folder, the source shows everything is included but the css and images do not appear. Please help.

Thank you

I find the best way to link to include files is like this:

<?php include $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/folder/file.php"; ?>

Much more reliable.

I did exactly like what you said, the CSS and the image show up but please look at the same page again in the forums directory, it’s not the same as how it is in the parent folder (Test) that is.

In both the CSS links are now broken, so check the paths to all your files in the include files. Is the /bootstrap folder really in your root folder?

I used absolute links to include the css and the other image files and everything worked. Thanks a lot my friend. Happy New Year & Happy Coding.

Cool. Glad I could help. :slight_smile: