CSS help

Please help - Wordpress theme- I want a horizontal navigation under the header/logo and a background color with width 800px. This is the current code. Is there a simple way to change this?

/* =header */
#header {margin:55px 0 0;height:285px;text-transform:normal;width:600px;clear:none;}
#header a:hover{text-decoration:none;color:#888;}
#access {display:table;height:160px;vertical-align:middle;width:200px;}
#access #menu {vertical-align:middle;display:table-cell;font-size:0.8em;}
#access #menu ul {vertical-align:middle;display:block;}
#access #menu ul li ul {margin-left:10px;float:left;}
#access #menu a{font-weight:800;}

Hi, welcome to Sitepoint! :slight_smile:

it will be easiest for us to give you the right info if you give us a link to the page if it’s available online. Or post the whole page code, HTML and CSS.

Yes. But as Mark says, either post a link (remove http etc and leave spaces for dots), or at least post the html and css.

Hi, minus the IE7 fixes you have going on there, you are pretty close. We don’t have your HTML (which providing a link will fix that ;)) so assuming you have a standard list…and no dropdown

#access #menu ul li{float:left;}

A width will be needed, though the nearest parent with a width set is 200px wide…not a lot of room for list items to be side by side…

A link would make this much easier though lol :).