CSS help with Button

Hey everyone,

I was wondering whether someone would be able to help me out with a bit of CSS. I have been fiddling with it for ages using Firebug and can’t work out how I can get my ‘Go’ button for my search to show fully with its drop shadow, without it repeating or looking how it is now.

I would be really grateful for any advice as I am sure its an easy fix, its just i am relatively new to CSS.

You can see my problem at www.slippcases.com in the top right hand corner.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Tom :slight_smile:

The first things I would do are change the height of the span to the height of the image:

button.button span {

and remove the second span.

Then you can reposition the span to suit. Post back if you need help with that.

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for much for getting back to my post. I have taken your advice and it is fixed now.

Thanks again,