CSS framework recommendation

Just curious, which CSS framework do front-end savvy people prefer, why?

For the sake of brevity, assume:

  1. grid960
  2. Blueprint

These are the two I have looked at. I am not sure I understand the concept entirely but I know my CSS is probably the weakest part of my skill set and others have/can do a better job.

Whats your opinion?

If CSS is your weakest skill, then I’d refrain from using any CSS framework at all.

Many of the CSS and layout problems posted here are due to people using CSS frameworks without understanding the underlying code, thus making an even bigger mess out of the code.

Instead, I’d invest the time it takes to learn the code of a CSS framework in learning CSS. You’ll be much better off that way.

I will say that I see more people using grid960. I don’t personally like frameworks as it takes the personal appeal out of it, but I do agree full heartedly with what kohoutek said. Frameworks complicate things. As a beginner you’ll probably not understand most of what is going on in there :). If something breaks, you’d be at a loss as to why, probably, due to you not specifically creating the code.