CSS for jQuery slider not working in IE

Hi, SitePoint members, I installed a jQuery slider on my homepage, and it works fine on Mac and mobile devices, however, on IE, it doesn’t position properly on the page, and does not load the background “frame” graphic. I think this might be a CSS issue, but not sure how to fix it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The page is here : http://www.danshamptons.com/indexjs.php

(image slider is a little ways down on the page)

Colin Goldberg
Dan’s Papers

Hi, for one thing your doctype is incomplete thus triggering quirks mode for IE, and thus it’l be treated more like IE5 :). Add the bold (the URI)

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" [B]"http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"[/B]>

You are a truly a code ninja my friend! The only thing different in IE now, is that it is centering the headline and subhead, whereas on the Mac, it aligns them left… any suggestions ?

Hi, could you be more specific as to where? What text.

The text it is centering in IE is the caption for each photo in the slider - “Food Fights” in the first frame… (in the greyed out semi-transparent box at the bottom of the pics) - also another issue - it still doesn’t work in IE6 (displaying the weird positioning problem overlaying the other content on the page instead of pushing it down, also not loading the frame background graphic for the slider, etc) - is jQuery or this plug-in just not compatible with IE6 ? Should I even be concerned about IE6 ?

Hi, untested because your page crashes in FF for me, but on .center you give text-align:center and that will center the text.

Try setting wrapper to text-align:left (or remove the class)


PS-No need to PM me :slight_smile:

Ahh OK thanks for that, the text is aligning left now, weird that it crashes your FF, tried it on FF (win) here and it loaded OK… Still wondering what I should do to make the design work on IE6 & 7… sorry about the PM, will just reply to posts from now on :slight_smile:

My computer’s a piece of junk so don’t think too hard about it :). The Javascript jus takes so long that it keeps asking me if I want to stop scripts, though either option just results in it crashing.

How do you want the text to align then? Left or center? Or right?

The text is aligning fine now, left, as desired. However, the IE problems are preventing me from moving this slider to our homepage, as still about 10% of our userbase is on IE6… grrrr… Not sure what to do about the CSS problems in IE6… IE7 looks mostly OK, but the thumbnails under the image slider are not aligning properly. All other browsers it appears to be working fine… any ideas ?