CSS div positioning - quite complex so CSS expert needed!

I need to do this:

I have tried but can’t seem to get all to work at the same time. I can do the basic layout but it must work with varying screen sizes and div sizes.

Because this is a forum, it would be best to post what you have done so far so that we can tweak it. Otherwise you are best off heading over here to request a service provider.

Those layouts don’t look difficult, though. You could have a class or id on each page specifying which content styles to use on each page.

I assume you realize that those fixed-width, left-floated boxes will have a lot of space to their right on wider screens?

Hi. I thing you should try to do things step by step. From your csslayout.gif I see that you would like to have equal height columns There are various ways of doing this in Css. Here are some links to a few popular methods.




To work with fluid layouts it is important that you understand min-width and max-width properties. There is a very good article here on sitepoint


When it comes to fluid layouts it are also many aricles arround covering this area.


just to name one. I think it’s good to read this articles to get a good understanding of what CSS is capable of.