CSS Design Suite

Hi all,
Considering buying this, especially as there is a heavy discount right now.

Does anyone here have any experience with it, or opinions?

Many thanks,

  • Vincent

To be fair Eric Meyer is a respected web designer with a good track record and I expect the app would be useful to absolute beginners, however I have to agree that you would be better off avoiding any shortcuts and learning to build CSS properly (especially as their so called “affordable” price for the suite is expensive!). :slight_smile:

Css is simple to write, IMO, so I don’t see the point in extra programs to do it all for you. I suspect that’s probably the general view here.

From experience, it takes just as long to learn the program as it does to learn CSS. Give or take. So you mine as well learn correctly from the start and hand code it. Then later, once you’ve learned it all, then go back to the program to help speed the repetitive tasks up a bit.

I guess it can’t be that good idf nobody here is using it.

Or are you keeping it a ‘secret’ :slight_smile:

  • Vincent