CSS: Composition of several images, rotated and animated

Hi, I’m building a WordPress site and I’d like to make a stylish composition of animated (fade-in with some movement, different directions) images on scroll.

I can probably hand code it, but it will take a long time - just wanted to check if there are any tools or maybe WordPress plugins that can make my life easier?

Check out this site’s animations (scrolling down) - I need something similar: https://www2.lekiosk.com/uk/

Hi there dalv,

as you have posted your problem in the “HTML & CSS” section,
I think that I should point out that the link, to which you referred,
relies entirely upon “JavaScript” to display content. :rolleyes:

By entirely, I mean that with “JavaScript” disabled there is
absolutely no content whatsoever to be seen. :wonky:

If your intentions for the site that you’re building are somewhat
similar, then you really should ask a staff member to move your
post to a rather more appropriate forum. :winky:



On the other hand, you say:

If you’re really looking for a WP plugin, then your post would be better in CMS & WordPress.

If you decide it should be moved, please use the flag on your post and tell us which category you’d like it moved to. (Choose the “Something Else” option from the flag menu.)

I’ve never tried it but I believe something like wow.js will do what you want but you will have to pay for it.

As coothead said the default should be to display content and then enhance with js.


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