CSS Change with .com changing


I have a site for some friends that’s newly online here:

allgonepop.com … the hosting address is allgonep.fu8.com

However, the menu style css changes when I use .com address

Anyone any idea why?

So confused!

Both sites look the same to me—including the menu and CSS. Could you elaborate?

Something I recently learned on godaddy.com. I have a .com and a .net site BUT the .net is hosted for free and the .com is paid. Well on go daddy if you host for free what happens is AFTER YOU UPLOAD your files they tack on some javascript for some ads they can put into your site which alters your page a little. Kind of a pain really. Dunno if this is doing it to you but I would say check your code AFTER its uploaded by going to the page and VIEW SOURCE while its on the server.

I just went and changed it to default text as it was annoying me…


I have no idea what you mean by that. :confused:

Yep, since it’s free they have to be able to earn back the money somehow so the ads are placed on there. I urged one client to just pay a bit to remove the ads but he was being stubborn. It completely screwed up my design and I had to go and change my CSS for about 10 minutes to compensate for that.
Bit of a pain…