CSS change makes no effect

Need following guidance about my site urgently. My theme is twenty ten.

  1. float header image to center.
  2. Hide site description
  3. Hide nevigation bar
  4. Boarder around my whole content excluding header.
  5. Float whole content to center
  6. Increase the width of my cotent as it seems too congested.
  7. Hide search box, meta and archive from footer

Kindly provide some help as site has visitors and my old theme is quite buggy.

Use CSS to style it. Then 1-7 will be complete.


Using twenty ten themes of wordpress are not easy because it was design in advance php program.

Hiding some parts of this needs to comment some script on Header.php footer.php and some part that you wanted to hide, because the themes does not support admin control panel like in woothemes wordpress.

I may suggest to used the Firefox aadvark plugin so you can easily see what divs you need to find on the php code so you can see also the php code you need to hide.