CSS Center align problem

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* How can I fix my sign in border-right?

My slider area image has white space when I’m moving the sliders to the right

How can I center align my paragraph from the top images?

My Website

Thank you!

  1. Are you going for this type of look? Add 5px right padding to “.registration a”
  2. You are setting negative coordinates for hte slick slider buttons. Notice how your next and previous buttons are missing?

You set the left button to -25px and the right button to -25px (left:-25px and right:-25px) which is pushing it outside of the page and induces scrollbars. Change those to positive values and you’ll see scrollbars disappear. You’ll want to introduce responsive breakpoints (as outlined in the slick slider website)
3) On “.content ul li p” give it margin:0 auto;

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Thank you so much Ryan. Actually, the design wasn’t mine. I am just practicing my skills to convert it to HTML.

And the codes from the slider was already built in from the plugin slider,

I will redo the codes though.

Slider Site

Yup I use slick slider here at work and it’s such a great tool.

Is my footer area align? :pensive:

You tell me. What do YOU think :slight_smile: .

div.box ain’t good, should I use ul li’s instead from my footer links?

How? That’s not very descriptive.

UL/LI would be more semantic but that wouldn’t fix your issue (I’m not sure what it is though since you haven’t explained ;).)

How can I center align my footer links?

My website?

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