CSS and Text in Tables?

Sample Page One

Sample Page Two

Can I make text look good using CSS in Tables?
I’m new to CSS. Thank you.

Thank you Ryan! :slight_smile:

HTML validator
CSS validator

Thanks everyone!
Yes, I do have to clean up those body tags. A validator would help me right? Of course it would. :slight_smile:

Certainly you can. But what specifically do you want to do?

Of course you can! Just like you already do in other elements. :wink:

But I think it would be better to start with correcting the erroneous body tags previously mentioned, or is the online page just not updated?

[QUOTE=Another Designer;]Thanks everyone!
Yes, I do have to clean up those body tags. A validator would help me right? Of course it would. :)[/QUOTE]Yes, a validator could help you a long way, if used like I mentioned in your “Validation thread”.

Mind me asking what size you think the text font should be? I have it as 14 pixels in CSS.

What Size Text?

That looks OK to me. Most people have text too small for my liking.

Thanks. But when I open it up in IE it is huge. Then I do control - and it gets better. Yet both times IE is at 100%

Never use pixel fonts. IE doesn’t allow for text resizing of pixels (not even IE8)

Use em’s or %'s (they are the same, the only difference is the decimal place ;))

Thanks. What does em’s do again?
And what % should I have my fonts at to make the page look professional?
Okay I made the fonts 80%. The fonts look okay in IE but too small in Fireworks and Google Chrome. Is this a problem I will always run into? Is there a remedy for this?

One more question.
Why is Dreamweaver putting c3 next to the class names I created? I created a css bodytext for <p class=“bodytext”> but its putting a <p class=“bodytext c3”> in.
I am taking the c3 out. I’m kind of lost.
Thanks again.

Ems allow for text resize. They are basically the same as percentage.

Don’t base it off of fireworks…that isn’t a browser.

IE/Chrome are different? Any other browsers? Normally font sizes are pretty consistant so something else is at work :slight_smile:

Why isn’t Fireworks a browser?
And doesn’t Ems also give a space around a jpeg or gif? I thought I remember seeing that on a video tutorial.

Fireworks…is a program…not a browser…that’s just common knowledge lol.

Why would ems give space around an image? Nope :). Wherever you think you saw that, that is wrong