CSS and Link States

Greeting to all.

I’m working my way through Mr. LLoyd’s book and I’ve tried several learning tools and I’ve gotten further in two days with his that I EVER did with any other, so kudo’s to Mr. Lloyd!

I’m on page 103 or so and am building the diving website.

I’m adding the link state psuedo-classes as such:

a {

font-weight: bold;

a:link {
color: black;

a:visited {
color: gray;

a:hover {
text-decoration: none; color: white; background-color: navy;

a:active {
color: aqua; background-color: navy;

I’m using Firefox 12.0 on Vista Home Premium. All of the link states are working fine except for the a:visited {
color: gray;

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Can’t see anything wrong with that code – have you got a link to a live page where you’re having this problem so we can see it in context?

Thanks for the reply, Stevie,

It’s just that BubbleUnder practice site you make from the book. It’s not live.

We’ll, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. I fired up the site in Firefox and everything worked fine.

I’m stumped since I made no changes to the code.

The Windows Gremlins never sleep.


I’m guessing that you changed the code and the browser reflected a cached copy. Congratulations, and don’t hesitate to come in with the next problem. There’s always a next problem…

I haven’t had that occur since starting the project a few days ago. I had been making changes to the stylesheet, saving and refreshing the web page and the changes were instantaneous.

Oh well.

Thanks and I’m sure I’ll be picking your brain sometime soon. :smiley: