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I am using a hosting WordPress theme, in the theme, there are a lot CSS and js files have been used by the theme developer. I tried many things but can not reduce the weight or number of .css and .js files. I tried to remove some heavy js and CSS files but it gives the error in theme.

Any useful suggestion?
Below is website url:-

You cannot remove any theme files, better try to use child theme. In child theme you cant see that much files you have to create manually.

First of check theme settings, there you can make changes and if there custom css option you can add extra css code also.


Typical Wordpress :wink:

What you can do is:

  1. Combine JS and CSS files into as fewer files as possible to reduce http requests
  2. Only call in JS and CSS files on pages where you need them
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Thanks for reply.

i trie to combine .CSS and .JS files,
.CSS files work fine after combine but .JS files stop working after combination as a result many function get disable.

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